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BSNL Sports Quiz is a popular Live Phone-in Quiz Programme telecast as follows:




21:00 hrs. to 22:00 hrs.


DD Podhigai


BSNL Sports Quiz made its debut in the year 2002 during the month of May on the occasion of  the World Cup Football Tournament. The Programme was conceived, devised, planned and first produced by the then Producer of Sports , Doordarshan  Shri.P.S.Parameswaran, Programme Executive, who is a sports expert. 
Dr.Sumanth C Raman was selected by the producer to be the anchor of this live Sports Quiz programme on Doordarshan's  Podhigai Satellite Channel. This Live Sports Quiz programme was supported and initially nurtured by a number of  sponsors such as Indianoil Corporation, Higginbothams, Cricinfo, Mr.Strong, The Pavilion and others for more than a year since 2002.
BSNL TAMILNADU TELECOM CIRCLE adopted this Sports Quiz programme from 2003 and apart from its continued sponsorship it also provides 35 ITC Cards to Prize Winners of each weeks Quiz programme.
BSNL Sports Quiz Programme reaches around 83 countries. Participants from all the States of India and from all Cities like New Delhi, Kolkatta, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Trivandram, Kochi, Pune, Pudhucherry, Madurai, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Trichy, Kanyakumari, Trichur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Palakkad, Thrissur etc., across the nation dial up to participate in the programme and there are also live phone-in callers from some countries as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Burma, etc.
BSNL SPORTS QUIZ celebrated its 100th episode on 26.04.2004 and has successfully completed its 500th episode on 17.12.2011.Any viewer can participate in the LIVE phone-in sports quiz programme and win prizes every week. A weekly email contest is conducted and more than 3000 viewers respond to

Apart from the weekly email, 8 LIVE SMS questions are aired every week in which more than 2000 viewers participate through mobile text messages.
The latest technical upgradation in the programme is the complete computerisation for selection of winners of Weekly Email contestants and LIVE SMS contestants instantly LIVE from the studios. This software was developed by Shri.S.Gurumanickam, Doordarshan Engineer. Engineers Shri.R.Arul, Shri.K.Balaji & Shri.G.Murali have also contributed towards the creation of  the live SMS & Email contest software.
All the Computer Graphics including the picture board, various unique question titles, individual question cards, two-in-one photo merging and even software based data combinations used in the programme have been developed by Shri.S.Ravichandran, Computer Specialist.
The weekly live graphics are updated by Shri.S.Janakiraman, Shri.R.Siva, Selvi B.Chitra, Selvi G.Janani and Shri.A.S.Sailesh. Picture board background graphics animations were developed by Shri.Senthil & Shri.Rajkumar.
The animated computer background that appears behind the anchor during the entire show has been developed by Shri.Dhanaraj.A.K.
Live Vision mixing with a special miniature shot (fondly known as "Appu") of the anchor is devised and designed by Engineer Smt.Jayaseeli Sundar. Engineers Shri.B.S.Senthamizhselvan, Smt.Tamizhchelvi Somasundaram, Smt.Rinku Mukherjee, Shri D.Jesumani Selvan are other Vision Mixers who have contributed towards the success of the programme.
The Online live floor computer for process of SMS & Email is technically supported by Shri.Sankaran, Shri.Ranganathan, Shri.Joshua and Shri.Rajagopal.
Studio setting is handled by Shri.Sundarababu, Shri.N.M.Anantharajan and others.
The audio control of various sources are handled by professional audio engineers and some of them are Shri.Kumar, Shri.Diwakar and Smt.Hemalatha.
The Live SMS Coordination in the show was earlier done successfully by Ms.Kala, Mr.Navneet, Mr.N.S.Karthik and Mrs.Muthazhagu. Now it is being skillfully handled by Ms.Narmatha.

The Herculean task of dispatching the prizes for the Sports Quiz winners is done by Shri S.Sivakumar, Librarian.

During exigencies, Shri.B.T.S.Raman, Shri.Subburaya Bharathi, Shri.T.S.Krishnakumar, Shri.John Praveenkumar have also contributed in the production of this Live Sports Quiz Programme.

The present Producer of this BSNL Sports Quiz Programme is Shri.D.Ravichandran, Programme Executive of  Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai.
For the success of the programme there is a dedicated team of professionals performing behind the scenes to bring the show  to you each week.

For participation in the programme the contact phone numbers are
17073 (STD), 044-17077 (Tamilnadu) and 0091-44-25397010 (ISD viewers).

94449-01011/ 94449-01021.
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